15 Must-Listen Education Podcasts for Summer Vacation

Podcast consumption is at an all-time high and growing every month. You’re a teacher on the go and your professional and personal lives can be crazy at times but your learning and growth shouldn’t have to take a backseat.

Here are 15 must-listen education podcasts you should subscribe to:

  1. House of #EdTech Podcast
    • House of #EdTech shares stories from teachers and creators about education technology, recommends the valuable tools, tips, and resources to integrate technology into your classroom and instruction and explores how technology is changing the way teachers teach along with the impact that technology is having in education.
  2. PodcastPD
    • Anytime, anywhere learning for educators. Hosted by Stacey Lindes, AJ Bianco, and Christopher J. Nesi, each episode also shares the power of podcasts in education. This podcast will provide you with the PD you don’t get in your faculty meetings or most education conferences.
  3. Google Teacher Tribe Podcast
    • The Google Teacher Tribe Podcast is a weekly podcast designed to give K-12 educators practical ideas for using G Suite and other Google tools hosted by Matt Miller (Ditch That Textbook) and Kasey Bell (Shakeup Learning).
  4. Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers Podcast
    • Truth for Teachers is designed to speak life, encouragement, and truth into the minds and hearts of educators and get you energized for the week ahead.
  5. The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast with Jennifer Gonzalez
    • Teaching strategies, classroom management, education reform, educational technology — if it has something to do with teaching, we’re talking about it. Jennifer Gonzalez interviews educators, students, administrators and parents about the psychological and social dynamics of school, trade secrets, and other juicy things you’ll never learn in a textbook. For more fantastic resources for teachers, visit http://www.cultofpedagogy.com.
  6. Dads In Ed
    • Join these three dads and educators as they discuss relevant – or not so relevant – topics that matter to guys.
  7. Alway’s A Lessons Empowering Educators Podcast
    • Educators! Is your passion tank running on empty? Look no further. Gretchen of Always A Lesson has a double dose of just what you need. Come fill yourself up with an Empowering Educators podcast to start your day feeling… EMPOWERED! Includes empowering messages weekly with new episodes released early Monday morning just in time for your commute. Excellent source of professional development, inspiration, empowerment, as well as techniques and strategies that are best practices. Listeners include new teachers, teachers in distress or transition and teacher leaders.
  8. Pushing the Edge
    • If you’re passionate about Making a Difference. If you love nothing more than thinking and working outside the box – Making Change Happen especially on the Social Justice front – Then you’re in the right place. Join me (Greg Curran), as I chat to Educators who are Pushing The Edges of Innovation and Social Justice in their schools and communities. You’ll learn how to: navigate the bumps along the way, get buy-in from your colleagues and community, challenge the ‘business as usual’, and bring change to fruition. Plus, we’ll fuel you for the drive with plenty of inspiration along the way. Find Show-Notes and Resources at PushingTheEdge.org
  9. Better Leaders Better Schools
    • Better Leaders Better Schools is a world-class podcast created for you –the current school administrator, emerging leader, and educational influence. Each episode Daniel Bauer interviews top school principals as well as industry leaders to unpack their leadership insights learned via their experiences and mistakes. Discover how to create a winning school culture, focus on the essential, and lead with courage and integrity. Learn how to build relationships, leverage data, and maximize your influence by practicing a growth mindset. Each show includes helpful educational resources shared to improve your leadership skills at school. In addition to increasing student achievement and helping school leaders meet their peak performance, this podcast was created to make your commute, workout, and even the chores more enjoyable!
  10. Transformative Principal
    • Jethro Jones interviews instructional leaders from around the nation to learn and teach what it takes to become a transformative principal. Episodes address topics like Response to Intervention (RTI), Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS), Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS), the latest advances in educational research, standards-based grading, and interviews with industry leaders like Bill Daggett, Rick Wormeli, Todd Whitaker
  11. Short Films Teachers Love
    • The best short films for life-long learning, recommended BY teachers FOR teachers. Every episode features “my 3 favorite shorts” as chosen by guests across all areas of learning. A 1/2 hour show published fortnightly, with 7-10min highlights on YouTube every other week. New in 2017: featured guests now include filmmakers and curators/distributors. Made in Australia, the Short Film capital of the world!
  12. EdTech TV Podcast
    • The EdTechTV Podcast explores the crossroads of technology and education. This show is designed for those who are just getting started as connected educators or for those who work with technology every day and want to keep up with the latest conversations in the field. The show helps dedicated teachers explore specific technologies, bigger concepts in education, and best practices in the classroom.
  13. The Wired Educator
    • Host, Kelly Croy, is an Apple Distinguished Educator and Google Certified Teacher. He has been teaching in the classroom for over 24 years. Kelly is a speaker, artist, author, and educator. The Wired Educator Podcast will deliver content to help educators make a greater impact, be more productive, increase their efficiency, and improve their lifestyles.
  14. Talks with Teachers
    • Talks with Teachers brings you the stories and inspiration behind America’s great English educators. Each episode features a master ELA/Literacy/English teacher sharing what worked, what didn’t and the wisdom gained from their years of classroom experience. Intended to boost morale and help teachers find joy and purpose, Talks with Teachers is a great resource for K-12 English, Literacy, and ELA teachers.
  15. Teachonomy Talks Podcast
    • “Teachonomy Talks” is a podcast brought to you by Teachonomy.com for busy teachers who want to be inspired, encouraged, and empowered each week. Our goal is to give you nuggets of value in 5-7 minutes so you can walk away energized, refreshed, and ready for your day!

What are your go-to podcasts for your learning? Did I miss any? Please share in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and sharing!