A Thankful Educator 2015

At this time of year it is only natural to come across another post about being thankful for something. I would like to express my thanks for what I value and cherish in my profession.


It always goes without saying that the value one’s PLN is immeasurable. In the past year, I have been fortunate enough to become a part of something that I wish on every educator. My relationship with Stacey, AJ, Dani, Adam, and Chrissy, goes beyond professional respect and association based on our professional interests.

Since meeting each person separately we have come together as friends and we talk everyday. This is not an exaggeration. We utilize Voxer to think, laugh, and learn from each other. Voxer almost makes it too easy to be connected. But it’s this power of connection that has allowed me foster these positive relationships that I cherish. We each bring certain skills and unique world views that can get us through anything life throws our way.

Last Summer I was able to lean on my friends as I worked to achieve some of my professional goals. Their support was motivational and helped my move forward and continue to pursue that which I hope to achieve.

Thank you Stacey, AJ, Dani, Adam, and Chrissy!

House of #EdTech

I do not know where I would be, professionally speaking, without my podcast, House of #EdTech. Since launching the podcast in January of 2014 I have been fortunate enough to connect awesome people who are simply amazing educators. I have been able to share my own learning with you and every subscriber of the podcast. I have learned so much through my production of 49 episodes. I thoroughly enjoy audio editing, graphic and website design. I have also learned about how to market and promote my content so you can also find value and learn from what I am creating and sharing.

I’ve said this before but if nobody listened to the House of #EdTech I would still work just as hard to create something I am proud of. Having you as a listener is the added bonus and now that you’re here I am inspired to continue to learn and I am happy to have you as a member of the community.

Opportunity and New Beginnings

2016 will certainly present me with new adventure and challenges; some I am aware of, some I am not.

I am looking forward to beginning in a new role as a part-time Adjunct Professor. Yes, you read thatRutgers University’s School of Communication. The course I have been given for the semester is Leadership in Digital Contexts. The course is a part of their Digital Communication, Information and Media Minor. This is going to be very exciting and I look forward to keeping you posted about my journey in the higher learning arena.
right. In January 2016 I will join the faculty as

In addition to teaching at the college level, I will also be returning to school as student. I will be starting my trek to a Supervisor’s Certificate through Rowan University’s completely on-line program. I successfully transferred 3 credits, from my MA in Curriculum and Instruction from Caldwell University, and will be taking 3 courses en route to my certification.

I am sure that both experiences will give great things to share with you as take on these new tasks.

What are you thankful for, personally and professionally?
Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks for reading, viewing, and sharing!

Mr. Christopher J. Nesi