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Emily Gover (@edtechjam), Director of Content Marketing for Flocabulary and formerly of EasyBib, stops by to share her love of audio and its value in your classroom. From rapping to podcasts Emily believes audio can impact learning.

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  • Beth Cregan
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  • Adam Jones
  • Kerry Cicero
  • Angela Cleveland
    • Mr. Nesi does a great job of bringing in speakers and addressing topics that appeal to anyone in tech. He and his guests break down topics so that they are relatable to those new to tech and those who have lots of experience. I always feel so inspired after listening to this podcast! I’ve shared things I’ve learned with others – from educators to giving feedback to Google reps!


One email can make a difference!

I’m now the co-leader of EdCamp New Jersey because of one email I sent to the entire organizing group.


  • Five New G-Suite Features
    • There isn’t necessarily a common theme here, but for the most part, the new features focus on supporting more of the existing workflows in larger companies and bringing more of Google’s smarts to these apps.
    • When you type something like “Mathew to create a document with all the upcoming earnings,” Docs will now automatically suggest that you create an action item and assign this to (hopefully) the right person. You can also create these action items manually, of course. Once you assign something to somebody, that person will get an email.
    • Google now also makes it easier for you to see which action items have been assigned to you and which documents may need your attention. All the G Suite apps will now show a badge on files that have action items attached to them and when there are unresolved suggestions that others may have made to your files.
    • Google Forms is getting an update, too. It can now suggest responses based on your queries. Here is Google’s example for this: say you are setting up a form to ask about what size T-shirt they wear so you can distribute them at your next company event. Simply type that question into Google forms and it will suggest responses.
    • Forms users can now also prompt respondents to upload files (though this only works when you share a form within your domain).
    • Google and Slack teamed up to make integrate Google’s productivity apps into Slack conversations. Simply click the + button next to the message box in a Slack chat and the menu will let you create a new document or import a file from Google Drive.

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Emily Gover holds a BA in English from Stony Brook University where she also minored in Journalism. She has her Masters of Information Science from the University of Albany.

Emily has worked for EasyBib as a Content Marketer, Community Mgr. and Curriculum Developer. She currently works at Flocabulary and is the Director of Content Marketing.

She has contributed to Huffington Post, School Library Journal, and EdTech Digest

She’s also a fan of podcasts!

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Susan Bearden – Senior Education Pioneer Fellow, Office of Educational Technology, U.S. Dept. Of Education.

She championed the adoption of innovative classroom technologies, including BYOD, Google Apps for Education, social media, iPads, Chromebooks, and Makerspaces while she was the Director of Information Technology at Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy in Florida.

Susan is a strategic, growth-focused technology leader who approaches IT with an educators’ mindset and facilitates best practices in education technology and innovative teaching and learning. In 2014 Susan was School Technologist Bammy Award winner. 2015s recipient of the Florida Society for Technology in Education’s Making IT Happen Award.

Susan is also a co-creator and moderator of #edtechchat, Monday’s @ 8-9PM Eastern.

Connect with Susan Bearden:


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