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  • Mike Marotta shared the following book recommendation after listening to episode 79 about presentation strategies.
  • Derek Larson shared audio feedback about episode 80 with Kerry Gallagher.
  • Stellaffffff
    • I’m a podcast newbie. I made it one of my New Years resolutions to begin listening to podcasts for my job this has been by far one of the best that I have found and I’ve listened to 21 episodes so far! Keep up the great work! Love the show.

  • Dena Dellere
    • My trip to work and back is about 39 minutes. I love learning some great tips from Chris including a new app or extension to share with my teachers. Plus he brings topics that are something as District Technologist I need to be on top of in terms of helping my teachers. One of his recent episodes on OER is something I really did not know much about! Thank you CHRIS for making it real!


How Do We Get Tomorrow’s Classroom Today?

This was a recent topic of conversation for SATCHAT. The question stems from the name of a great annual conference put on by NJ’s Evolving Educators – shout out to Billy Krakower, Brad Currie, and Scott Rocco – for the awesome work they do and put into this Spring Time event.

The classrooms of tomorrow will be drastically different from those that exist right now. Just think about your own student experience and what was and wasn’t happening or even possible when you were younger. If you’ve been teaching for more than 10 years you’re already teaching in a different classroom than when you started your career. I myself, am almost done with my 9th year in education and there have been so many advancements since I student taught in the Fall of 2007.

I believe that the drastic changes could take the form of shifts in how we assess students, how teacher preparation programs are developed, how education is funded, as well as what and how teachers teach. This is just the beginning. While some may say the future of education is dark, I remain do remain mildly optimistic.


Google Keep Now Available to G Suite Users and Connects to Docs. Here is a screencast from Richard Byrne:


Megan Forbes teaches middle school English in the forward thinking Arcadia Unified School District (CA). Megan has a YouTube channel dedicated to encouraging and supporting teachers — especially new teachers!

She shares her YouTube experience and story as well as insight into her middle school classroom and some of her successes and missteps.

She loves to swap ideas with teachers all over the world and give you insight into how she created her YouTube videos and balances education with parenthood and family.

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Chuck Poole – is a teacher, a husband, a coach, and a friend.  He is the creator of which helps make life easier and less stressful for teachers!

Chuck has been teaching for 15 years and believes teachers can change the world. He understands that there are times when we feel overwhelmed and frustrated. Chuck doesn’t have all the answers and doesn’t pretend that he is a master motivator or the ultimate inspiration for kids. He does believe in teachers and believes in the impact we have on a daily basis can be remarkable.  Chuck’s vision is to create a community for teachers where they can be inspired and empowered to do amazing things every day!

Teachonomy Talks is his weekly podcast dedicated to inspiring and empowering teachers. His goal is to help you think outside the box, equip you with ideas and insight, and come alongside you on the journey we are all on together.

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