#DitchBook with @JMattMiller – HoET047

Matt Miller
 is a high school Spanish teacher and the author of the highly acclaimed book Ditch That Textbook and founder of the website DitchThatTextbook.com.

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Matt Miller graduated from Indiana State University and has taught English and Spanish and served as the yearbook adviser.

DitchThatTextbook.com is Miller’s online home where he blogs about teaching with less reliance on the textbook with an emphasis on using technology and creative teaching ideas.

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House of #EdTech VIP

Glenn Robbins – Lead Learner at the Northfield Community Middle School near Atlantic City, NJ.

Glenn is a husband & father along with being a doctoral student.

Glenn has been involved with organizing Edcamps and NJ/PA ECET2.

Robbins was also the recipient of a 2015 Bammy Educators’ Voice Award in the Middle School Principal of the Year category.

More recently he has been in the news and recognized as the creator of the EdCamp period at his middle school.

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