Dog Days of a Teacher’s Summer Part 1 – HoET041

Baby Nesi #2 is arriving in a few short weeks (or sooner). I wanted to make sure you were still provided with some awesome content. So this episode features an #edtech thought, #edtech recommendation, and of course a VIP!

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Featured Content

I will be returning to my regular format and content in September. I’m looking forward to sharing some great conversations with you!

#EdTech Thought

  • Back to School!
    • Share your best tips and recommendations for the start of the school year. I would like to include them in episode 43 of the podcast!

#EdTech Recommendation

Doodle.lyA fun, free, and easy way to create and share drawings with your friends and family. is a social sketchpad for self-expression, creativity and inspiration. It’s a fast, fun and easy way to share hand-drawn pictures, sketches, doodles, notes, and scribbles with friends across social networks. aims to make communicating through hand-drawn pictures and doodles as instant and magical as when you first passed notes to your friends in homeroom. In a world gone digital, with text, links, videos and photos, hand-drawn pictures are in danger of being lost forever. is working to change this through building a place for you to easily create and share doodles across media.

Great education applications could include:

  • illustration ice-breakers at the start of the school year
  • individual or group white boards during a lesson
  • Exit tickets for older students that share their drawings with you and their peers

Download the app on your iPhone or iPad.

House of #EdTech VIP

John Mason – A certified social studies teacher in New Jersey and currently works in a middle school.

Mr. Mason is constantly on the look out for new technology and emerging trends in the field of education. A life long technology enthusiast, and lover of coffee, Mr. Mason continues to integrate technology into the classroom in addition to sharing his passion for continued growth and learning.

John also hosts the #beardED podcast which incorporates all facets of his experience into his feelings and reflections on the challenges of being a modern educator. Mr. Mason explores what it takes to create and maintain one’s educational vision in light of mandates, change, and the need to constantly move forward in order to prepare our students for our society. Join Mr. Mason to help answer, “Why should I include this in my school? To what end will it serve?”

Connect with John Mason:

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