How To Get More Women In S.T.E.M. – HoET074

Angela Cleveland and Saqi Mehta, founders of ReigningIt are joined by my former Rutgers student Sierra Gratale for a round-table discussion about creating a #STEM dialogue inclusive of every woman.

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ReigningIt founders Angela Cleveland and Saqi Mehta are joined by my former Rutgers student Sierra Gratale for a round-table discussion about creating a #STEM dialogue inclusive of every woman’s background, experience, and beliefs through stories of #womenintech

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Chrissy Romano – Chrissy is a veteran teacher with over 23 years experience with students in elementary and middle school. She is dedicated to stimulating and supporting innovation in education and passionate about teaching and infusing educational technology into classrooms to engage and motivate students.

Her specialty is Google Apps for Education and integrating tech tools into the classroom. She is a Google for Education Certified Trainer and provides educational consulting and Google training to educators throughout the tri-state area and Pennsylvania through her company, The Connected Educator, LLC.

She is a co-host of #CoffeeEdu in Westwood, New Jersey every month and my partner in crime as the co-lead organizers of EdCamp New Jersey.

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  • Darryl Loy

    Hi Chris,

    I enjoyed this episode on my drive into work this morning, an unusually long one due to the rain here in Dallas Texas! As an administrator in a PreK-8 private school, I too look for opportunities to right the wrongs with respect to women in technology, regularly sharing this effort with my fellow administrators and educators around me.

    To that end, I came across an incredibly compelling story a couple years ago to support the notion that women not only have a place in technology, particularly computer science, but were a huge part of the industry in its infancy. While your guests mentioned the name Grace Hopper in connection with a conference that bears her name, I was a bit flabbergasted that they didn’t a) really discuss her contributions to computer science and b) mention The Philadelphia Computing Section. Now I know there is only so much time in your podcast but I believe the story of The Philadelphia Computing Section could and should go a long way to empower women to embark upon a career and discover a passion associated with computer science.

    So as not to take up your space here, you can read a blog post I wrote while at my former school shortly after learning about this entity… From The Philadelphia Computing Section to Eniac w/resources as well. I think your guests would find it informative and useful if they are not already familiar. And maybe they are, but the folks I ask are still always unaware of this organization.

    I hope you are feeling better. I enjoy your podcast and I’m hoping to contribute to your smackdown as well.

    Darryl Loy
    Director of Technology
    Good Shepherd Episcopal School

    • Darryl —

      Thank you for sharing your perspective and letting us know about the The Philadelphia Computing Section.

      I checked out your blog post and I will refer to it in an upcoming episode of the podcast!

      • Darryl Loy

        Awesome!! I’ll be listening for sure!!!

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