Handcuffed – Teachers Without Access | #EdTech

I read blogs and websites that talk about any number of ways to use iPads in the classroom, integrate Twitter into your curriculum, create a Pinterest board for learning about a country, and this or that next great video to use in class with your students. The amount of resources far exceeds the actual time a teacher has available to teach.
Many schools now promote their Twitter & Facebook pages on their website. While some direct all their traffic to Facebook and Twitter, there are still so many schools and districts that do not empower their teachers with access to technology.
I’ve worked in schools where teachers could access YouTube and show videos to classes and they were trusted, as professionals, to know what would be useful to add to the curriculum. I’ve worked in places where you can access Yahoo but couldn’t read a single article. Heck, I worked in a building where the access varied from one teacher’s computer to the next.
Why don’t more schools and districts employ a person with an understanding of education to make technology recommendations for the classroom?
My strategy this school year has been to focus on teaching teachers, as many as I can, about the great tools that are out there. When they tell me they tried to access it and it was blocked I tell them to talk to their supervisor and our building admin about how great the tool is and how it would be great for students, teaching, and learning.