Here’s The First Pitch | #FirstDayofSchool

Yesterday marked another first day of school. 2013 is my seventh as a teacher and my 26th as student or teacher. At times I am still amazed that I decided, very early on in high school, that I wanted to pursue a career in education and devote so much of my life to this craft. Today was unique because I had the opportunity to address all of the teachers in my district because I now maintain the website for my local teacher’s association and it was really cool to address ALL the teachers. I am thankful for the opportunity to be involved, in such an important role, and serve my colleagues.
This year will present some new and exciting challenges for me as an educator as I also enter the final year of my MA program (via Caldwell College), prepare to present at two edtech conferences this fall, and continue to grow professionally in my current role as an ISS teacher.
Completing my master’s degree is going to be very rewarding because the thesis writing process has been presented to me as something that should make me a better teacher as a result of the research, writing, and presentation. I am working with a great professor at the college who I know I can count on to guide me through the process. I am very quickly narrowing my research topic and have learned so much already. I am going to be chronicling the process over the next two semesters right here as well! So I look forward to having all of you on this journey with me.
In October I have been invited to present at two technology conferences. One is at Caldwell College and the other at Montgomery County (PA) Community College where I will be presenting on Social Media and it’s impact and uses on education. The hands-on workshops will address topics related to using social media in class with students, parents, and your school community and also in the area of your PLN and professional development. The other really cool part of this experience is that my wife, a high school librarian, will also be presenting at MCCC on the topic of collaboration. It’s going to be a great experience sharing this with her.
Back in my school I am looking forward to being in a new classroom this year! I was able to get into the room for the first time yesterday and I was very happy to only see 20 desks and the presence of 6 desktop computers, along with a ceiling-hung projector! I had been craving this simple technology since I started and now I can really enhance the experience of the students I work with while they are in ISS.
As I started towards the end of last school year you can also look for my weekly EdTech Roundup where I will feature and highlight great tools and technology from around the web that you can bring into your classrooms!