House of #EdTech Smackdown – HoET26

The House of #EdTech is celebrating its one-year anniversary! This episode is packed with 26 great recommendations you should know about. Each suggestion was submitted by a listener or former guest on the show.

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Welcome to the first annual House of #EdTech Smackdown! The following list contains awesome tech tools, websites, and apps that you should consider adding to your bag of #edtech tricks!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this list and the entire episode! The resources and recommendations appear in the same order they were mentioned in the episode.

  1. Kaizena – Stacey Lindes
  2. Rebel Mouse – Carina Gonzalez
  3. Digital Differentiation with Google Forms – Kasey Bell
  4. – Brett Jennings
  5. Remember the Milk |  | – Jessica Johnson
  6. Umano – Carina Gonzalez
  7. Cuethink – Caryn Trautz
  8. LastPass |  | – Derek Larson
  9. Learn2earn – Jessica Sanders
  10. Xmarks – Derek Larson
  11. Straw – Jeff Herb
  12. Good ToDo |  | – Jennifer Cronk
  13. Authy |   | – Derek Larson
  14. Google Form Choice Eliminator – Natalie O’Neill
  15. Piktochart – Joseph Iacono
  16. Caffeine |  | – Derek Larson
  17. Google Now – Josh Gauthier
  18. AppCleaner – Derek Larson
  19. Twitter App |  | – Spike Cook
  20. Glogster – Stacey Lindes
  21. Focus Time – Derek Larson
  22. Instapaper |  | – Theresa Stager
  23. Readability for Chrome – Tim Charleston
  24. Newsela – Jason Bodnar
  25. Weebly |  | – Alex Rosenwald
  26. DayOne Journal App |    | – Katelyn Nesi

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Thank You! From the House of #EdTech

You, the listeners and supporters! – Thank you for investing your time during the first year of the podcast!

Over the past year I have connected with a number of new people through the interviews I’ve done as well as at conferences I’ve attended.

I have looked forward to publishing each episode for you to receive my take and views on education and technology. Whether you’ve listened for a second or you haven’t missed an episode I am grateful that you have accepted me and welcomed me into your life.

I hope to connect with many more of you in the coming year as the podcast continues. If you’ve been hesitant to send feedback or contribute, please do not be shy! Just go to the House of #EdTech feedback page and connect with me!

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