#HouseofEdTech Upgrades to @Libsyn

The House of #EdTech podcast is now being hosted on Libsyn!
How does this effect you?
It doesn’t! By hosting the podcast on a dedicated media host the House of #EdTech will now be available for download and streaming with no down time. I previously hosted the episodes using a combination of Dropbox and Google Drive and this caused issues for people because of bandwidth and download restrictions.
I am very excited to be using dedicated media host for the podcast because I was stressing out about the show not being readily available and now it will be. I wanted to take care of this sooner rather than later because I do not plan to stop producing the show and the back catalog just continues to grow each month.
If you’re a podcaster and are looking for a solid industry standard in media hosting for your podcast then I recommend Libsyn. I am getting my first month free and you can too! I used the promo code SOPFREE courtesy of the School of Podcasting with Dave Jackson.

Thanks for reading, viewing, and sharing!
Mr. Christopher J. Nesi