I’m Sorry | @ISTEconnections Crowd Funding

I’m sorry for my actions the last two days where I began soliciting donations to raise money to attend the upcoming ISTE Conference.

I thought more about it and while I am passionate about education technology and technology integration the image of me that begging creates is not the image I want.

My current life situation just doesn’t allow me to spend such a large amount of money to attend a conference. Even though I subscribe to the idea that attending conferences is an investment, investments can become expensive.

While crowd funding is a great tool for educators, asking for money for a trip to a conference isn’t the right thing to do as an educator. I would definitely recommend that check out Fundly.com and see how their platform for fundraising works. It is very easy to set-up and promote a campaign.

I am trying to build a solid community through this blog and through my podcast, House of #EdTech. I want you as readers, listeners, and followers to be able to trust me and the content I create. I want to be resource that you can turn to.

If, someday, I have the money to attend more expensive events I will gladly do so. The purpose being to continue my learning and then turnkey that knowledge to you!

Thanks for reading, viewing, and sharing!

Mr. Christopher J. Nesi