#NationalPodcastDay 2014 | My Favorite Podcasts

Today, September 30, 2014, is National Podcast Day and I wanted to take a moment to share the podcasts that I listen to and enjoy the most.

First and foremost, I produce my own podcast, the House of #EdTech! The show is produced bi-weekly and the podcast explores how technology is changing the way teachers teach and the impact that technology is having in education.
It would be awesome if you checked it out and even better if you subscribe!

Podcasts I Enjoy

Podcast Answer Man | Host: Cliff J. Ravenscraft | podcastanwerman.com 
Official Description:
This is THE PODCAST about podcasting! Helping you take your show to the “next level.” Whether you are a brand new podcaster, been producing for many years, or haven’t launched that first episode, this is where to turn to help you take your show, and everything else you pursue, to the “next level.”
The Audacity to Podcast | Host: Daniel J. Lewis | theaudacitytopodcast.com 
Official Description:
Award-winning podcast for you to learn about podcasting, Audacity, and WordPress from Daniel J. Lewis. Awarded #1 technology podcast in 2012 by people’s choice. Podcasting is a exciting and personal way to share your message with others, but how do you do it? What equipment, software, and skills do you need? Daniel gives you answers to these and more podcasting questions.
The Podcasters’ Studio | Host: Ray Ortega | thepodcastersstudio.com 
Official Description:
A podcast about podcasting. Learn how to create high quality audio and video podcasts from professional podcast producer Ray Ortega. You’ll learn how to go from not having a show to being in iTunes and beyond. Tips and instructional podcasts regarding how to plan, record, edit, and promote your show. You’ll get all the information you need to start (gear, media hosting, building a website), maintain (content production, making money, post production techniques) and grow (finding new subscribers, upgrading your studio, getting sponsors) a successful podcast.
The 5 AM Miracle | Host: Jeff Sanders | jeffsanders.com/the-5-am-miracle-podcast 
Official Description:
The 5 AM Miracle is a weekly podcast dedicated to dominating your day before breakfast. My goal is to help you bounce out of bed with enthusiasm, create powerful lifelong habits, and tackle your grandest goals with extraordinary energy.
#PrincipalPLN (formerly PrincipalCast Podcast) | Hosts: Theresa Stager, Jessica Johnson, and Spike Cook | principalpln.com 
Official Description:
The PrincipalPLN is a weekly podcast hosted by Theresa Stager, Jessica Johnson, and Spike Cook. We are committed to creating podcasts that are informative, innovative and fun!

Each week we interview teachers, principals, superintendents, authors and presenters to learn  how to become more effective educators! We are dedicated to being the lead learners in all that we do.
Principally Speaking | Host: Jason Bodnar | principallyspeaking.com 
Official Description:
Host and Assistant Principal Jason Bodnar interviews administrators and professional educators that inspire creativity and excellence in students and teachers.  Principally Speaking is a podcast also devoted to helping new administrators with the transition from the classroom to the principalship.
TechEducator Podcast | Host: Jeff Bradbury & a Panel | techeducatorpodcast.com 
Official Description:
The TechEducator Podcast is a weekly show dedicated to all things Technology in Education hosted by Jeff Bradbury from TeacherCast.net, Jeff Herb from ITT, and Sam Patterson from Patue. Join us LIVE every Sunday at 7pm EST / 4pm PST at www.TeacherCast.tv.

I appear on this podcast from time to time as well!

I hope you give some of these a listen. They are all well produced and the content provided by the creators is always relevant.
Thanks for reading, viewing, and sharing!
Mr. Christopher J. Nesi