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Nicole Naditz answered the question, “Technology is valuable in my classroom because…”



  • What to make time for. What I make time for.

Would I love to be the type of edtech personality that is afforded some the time and resources to jet set around the country and present at so many of the wonderful conferences that take place year-round and worldwide? Sure I would, but not at the expense of those I hold dear. My boys are only going to this young and this age one time. I can’t pass them up.


Krita – Strongly focuses on being a generic image manipulation/painting application in the style of Photoshop or GIMP.

When we consider the term “photoshop alternative,” we don’t strictly mean an alternative tool to help you manage photos, color corrects them, resize them, and get them ready to share. Sure, you could probably do those things with Krita, but the tool is really designed for artists looking for a painting application to create original digital art, web and print comics, concept art, and more. The app has all of the usual features you might expect from a digital art tool, including layers and layer management, masks and selections, transform tools, a full-color palette, and even some perks like drawing assistants, a resource manager, a friendly interface, and more.

Krita can even support, open, and edit Photoshop’s own PSD files, so you can give it a try if you’re thinking about making the switch without worrying that you won’t be able to work on the projects you already have. Plus, since it’s free, you can give it a try and see if it meets your needs first. Unlike many similar apps, the interface is familiar, and the learning curve not as steep.


Kerry Gallagher is an advocate for the use of Open Education Resources (OER). Kerry is a passionate award-winning educator. Trained as both a teacher and attorney, she understands that a combination of effective pedagogy, policy, school culture, and global connections are necessary to make meaningful progress that puts learners first.

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Teachers should be the ones who want to go #OER ~ @KerryHawk02 on #HouseofEdTech ep 80
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Jake Miller – is an authorized Google Apps for Education Trainer and is currently the Technology Integration Specialist for Brady Middle School in the Orange City School District. At Brady, Jake helps manage the implementation of Google Apps, 1:1 Chromebooks and Schoology, while working with a team to envision the building’s future integration of STEM, Fab Labs and MakerSpaces. He is a member of the Lead to Learn Project Core Team, which was recently awarded a $750,000 ODE Straight A Grant to further the school’s efforts in 21st Century Learning through innovation, design thinking and project-based learning with access to a FabLab, MakerSpace, and other design resources.

Jake has presented at many conferences including the Chromebook Institute Great Lakes, the SPARCC Education Conference, the ITIP Ohio Summit featuring Google Apps for Education, the NEOTech Conference, the OCTM Conference, the OAESA Conference, the KEEP Academy, the NEOTIE Conference and the OMLA Conference. He has also led professional development for many area school districts and is the Technology Consultant for the Martha Holden Jennings grant-funded projects Writing Ourselves and Writing Ourselves2.

At home, Jake leads a crazy, but fun family life with his wife, April, and their three kids–Cohen (7), Parker (5) and Beckett (2)–and dog, Kermit. The Miller Family are happy “Black Squirrels” as members of the great Kent, Ohio community. Jake and April, a school psychologist, have been married since July 2007.

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