Podcasting with @BlueMicrophones!

Thanks to the support and suggestion of my wife I have jumped into the world of podcasting! My podcast, House of #EdTech launched on January 5, 2014. I have released two episodes recorded with my wife’s Rhode DSLR mic that she uses for her photography business. While the audio is better than using the built-in mic on my laptop, I wasn’t using an appropriate mic for podcasting and the audio sounds like I am broadcasting from deep inside a tunnel! This is not becoming of someone like myself who claims to be tech savvy! I had to fix this and fast!

Enter the internet and the Podcast Answer Man, Cliff Ravenscraft! I have been religiously listening to Cliff’s podcast for the last month and have gotten myself caught up on his almost 350 episodes on podcasting. Over on Cliff’s site he makes many recommendations and talks about his equipment and what his work flow is. The more I read about it the more I realized one, I need to improve the set-up and two, it’s expensive to improve your set-up.

I did research into USB microphones and all signs pointed to Blue Microphones. My brother-in-law is a professional DJ and I consulted with him on the mics they carried and he agreed with me that the brand was solid and would meet my recording needs, and then some!

I was debating between the Yeti and the Yeti Pro. The Pro offers the ability to also connect the mic via XLR while the first Yeti is only connectable via USB.

Happily, I have purchased the Yeti! I hooked it up yesterday and conducted my first interview using it and WOW, what a difference in audio quality! Next up is a DIY project to build my own pop filter and adjustable swivel mic arm.

Thank you to Blue for making this product affordable and usable right out of the box! The next episode of House of #EdTech will be released on Feb. 2nd with improved audio!

Please share your feedback, it’s always welcome!