School Is Out For Summer! | Looking Back & Ahead

As I sit here at my desk the halls are silent, there are no buses, no students, no teachers making copies, and anticipation about what the day will bring.
Today is the last day of school for faculty and staff.
My room has been packed up for a few days now and I spent the last two days adminstering final exam make-ups for students. My room is normally full of energy but today is very calm and quiet as the floors wait to be waxed and shined in the next 8 weeks. It is peaceful and refreshing in a way.
During the school year I have the opportunity to work with challenging students in my school. I am charged with the responsibility of motivating and encouraging progress when they falter elsewhere and I enjoyed every moment and no two days are the same. During the course of this school year I learned and continued to grow in my current role. My classroom management improved daily. It was very good when I started in this role, but when put to the test on a daily basis I quickly learned what works and what doesn’t, which can depend on the day.
This school year also afforded me the opportunity to form and run an education technology PLC group which I have talked about before. I am excited about running the group again next year and talking about even more ways that my colleagues can better use technology in their classes. The cherry on the Sundae for this year was working with an ESL teacher to administer a final exam using Google Forms and the Flubaroo script. The students really enjoyed the experience of taking their final exam on the computer. They were just as impressed as their teacher when I was able to produce their grades within seconds of the class completing the exam. My colleague was also blown away at the data that was produced by both Flubaroo and Google to examine the results and trends of the exam and the students’ performance. We are currently working on a report to present the results and experience to our principal and district tech leaders.
In the coming weeks I will have the opportunity to enjoy each day with my family and I can’t wait to go on all kinds of adventures with my wife and son. We’re very active and I know that we will busy and make some great family memories.
It will be September 3rd before I know it and then it will be time to get up the bulletin boards, sharpen the pencils, run those copies, and welcome the students back for another exciting school year.
In the Fall I will be presenting the 2nd Annual Caldwell College Education Technology Conference and I have also submitted a proposal to present at Montgomery County (PA) Community College’s Technology Conference. It will be a busy October to say the least. I am also entering the final year of my master’s degree program, also at Caldwell, and I will be writing my thesis over the course of the next two semesters. If you couldn’t already guess my thesis will revolve around education technology.
With another year in the books I leave you with this Alice Cooper’s classic: