@Tackk Chat w/ @andriatriv | #edtech

Last week I discovered Tackk through one of every teacher’s most valuable resources, http://www.freetech4teachers.com/. WOW! This site is super easy to use for making quick, visually attractive, web pages.

I created my first Tackk between 6:00am and 6:10am on Saturday morning before heading off to #EdTechNJ. I wanted a page to house my workshop materials and some links to social media resources. I remembered Tackk from earlier in the week and thought it would be perfect. Three minutes later I had a great looking page with images and links that represented my workshop topic.

Yesterday, Andria from Tackk reached out to me to get more insight as to how their technology would benefit education. Today, via Skype, we chatted for about 30 minutes and the conversation was great! Andria shared Tackk’s beliefs that their technology has value to teachers and I agree. Teachers and students now have a place to make simple webpages that can be used to show-off research, display students’ work, or act as a landing page that will take visitors to other content on the web. Andria provided me with more information about the ability to tag a Tackk with a hashtag and group Tackks of related content together. This useful for teachers who want their students’ work or their own to reach a specific audience.

@mrnesi Big thanks for chatting!! Excited to have your input as we move forward with #edtech initiatives.
— AndriaTrivisonno (@andriatriv) October 15, 2013

Users have the ability to enter text, embed YouTube videos, upload/embed images, upload/embed audio (SoundCloud, Spotify, your own mp3), embed a Google Map, and even sell your stuff or accept donations.

Tackk sites are currently FREE, my favorite price, and without an account a tackk will last for seven days and with an account tackks are saved until you delete them. Created tackks are able to be private or public with public tackks posted to your tackkboard.

The sharing options on Tackk plentiful too! Tackks can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, Tumblr, Reddit, and Stumbleupon. They can also be emailed, printed (but I don’t see the use for printing), and embedded on blogs and websites.

Users also have profiles that display their tackkboards. I specifically asked Andria about making it easier to link to a user profile by making Tackk icons for use on websites. She’s on it!

If you’re looking for simple, attractive way to get a webpage up and shared you must give Tackk a look! Check out my profile to start and here is the first Tackk I created:

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