The Value of Summertime Professional Development

I am more than half-way through my summer vacation and this summer more than ever has afforded me some great opportunities.

First, I continue to learn everyday by being a connected educator harnessing the power of Twitter for my anytime and anywhere professional development. Honestly, I am a little addicted to checking Twitter and getting involved in the vast amount of conversations taking place at any given moment.

One of the ways I am harnessing Twitter is as a co-moderator of the weekly #PodcastPD chat that takes place on Sunday nights (8:30PM eastern). The chat is 30-minutes and two questions all about podcasting in education. I am fortunate to be able to work and collaborate on the chat with Stacey Lindes and AJ Bianco who are at the top of my Personal Learning Network list!

There is tremendous value in getting together on a regular basis to talk about something I am passionate about with people who are like-minded and share my passions.

The House of #EdTech podcast continues to be the golden child of my learning. Creating a podcast has really pushed me forward in my thinking as well as how I approach education and education technology integration.

Creating the podcast alone has opened new doors of learning in areas audio production, graphic design, social media marketing, and website design.

I started the Education Podcast Network and have pulled together some of the best educational podcasts out there so educators have a place to discover valuable content that will impact their teaching and the education world.

These are just the beginning and don’t even consider the actual content of each episode where I’m talking with people who are so knowledgeable and have a great story to share about their own learning and experiences.

I’ve been on a tear for the last year giving presentations about podcasting and the power that one can wield with a microphone. The power of podcasting is no joke and whether your want to do it for yourself or with your students, school, or district there is no better time than now to jump in and just hit record!

My conference attendance during the summer has also proved to be so worthwhile as move forward in my career. Too many educators make it clear that Summer is a time to not do anything related to school or learning and that is a shame and a tragedy. We wouldn’t want our doctors to pass up learning about a new technique or our lawyers to not stay current on the latest statutes — why do teachers lower the bar for continued learning?

I attended ISTE, EdCamp Leader (North Jersey), and got involved in the planning of EdCamp Jersey Shore. I am thankful and excited that Katelyn will give birth to Baby Nesi #2 before the new school year begins but if that weren’t the case for us I would have also spent a day at Google (NY), attended TeachMeetNJ, and went to at least one CoffeeEdu event. Why? Because, I crave new information and learning opportunities that will make me a better educator. If I can improve then I can help others as well.

I share a common view with Jeff Bradbury that if you’re in the classroom you can impact 150-175 students, if you’re an administrator you can impact a 500-1,000 students, and if you’re teaching teachers and leading you’re reach and impact can be even more far reaching.

Vacation will be coming to a close or has closed and the school year is upon us. What will you do to continue to grow? What will you do to continue to lead?

Thanks for reading, viewing, and sharing!

Mr. Christopher J. Nesi