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Shachar Pessis is the founder and CEO of Wibki. Mr. Pessis and his team have created a great web-based bookmarking tool. Shachar shares how Wibki is a great addition to every classroom.

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Shachar Pessis has a BA in Economics and Financing from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Israel). Shachar is the founder of Wibki.com – a visual bookmarking site.

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  • PD = Personal Development
  • What can you do and what do you do to improve yourself as a person?
  • Email your thoughts about being a better person and how that can positively impact your profession.

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Get off your tablets, phones and other devices and go out and do something that is not technology or profession-related!

Take on this challenge on an upcoming weekend and get out and enjoy life!

Grow as a person.

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  • I have the opposite problem of many educators. I never stop. I love what I do so much that many of my pleasure activities blur the lines between personal and professional. I have to actively step away from anything involving education and technology. The last thing I need is encouragement to be more productive.

    One way I step away from the tech is by attending Pennsic every year. Pennsic is a two-week-long annual event that takes place in the summer where medieval reenactors gather to immerse themselves in the past. You live the way medieval people did – outside, with no tech, no cars, no refrigerators. It's such a great reboot that makes you appreciate all of the things you have when you come back. For more information visit: http://www.pennsic.net/.

  • I've been reading more about stepping back from technology. One thing I have done from time to time is not using devices on the weekend. I need to do it more 😉

    What are some of the ways you expand your horizons personally?