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Feedback, Shoutouts, and Links

  • John Kensek via Twitter asked about podcasting on something broad or specific.
  • Stella Pollard slid into my DMs and could not wait for information on a mic recommendations as I prevented her from purchasing a Blue Snowball mic with episode 96.
  • Derrick Crabtree shared his interest in starting a podcast via Flipgrid
  • Louie Soper via SpeakPipe wanted information about podcasting.
  • Dan Kreiness shared kind words and talked about his interest in podcasting.
  • Lynn Smargis will be at AMLE in Philadelphia and share her thoughts on episode 96.
  • Beth Campbell get us into the featured content as her question and interest in podcasting is great.

Featured Content

1. Your Topic: What Should I Podcast About?

  • This is the #1 thing that holds so many people back from starting a podcast:
    Step one is to get your head in the right place: Podcasting (like so many other things) is a marathon, podcasting is not a sprint.
  • Is there something you believe you could talk about for hours on end?
  • Are there other people who also have an interest in your topic?
  • When you do settle on a topic, make sure it is a something that excites YOU! –and not just something that excites you NOW, but something you can see exciting you in 6 months, 18 months, or 4 years from now!
  • I was excited when I planned and launched HoET in 2013/2014
  • Creating this podcast has been an incredibly valuable use of my time! I have approached this podcast since day 1 with the mentality of building a tribe of passionate followers like YOU around a topic I happen to be passionate about.
  • Seth Godin talks about tribes often, and if you can inspire 1,000 people to join your tribe, then the world is yours!
  • What is your thing? Inside or outside of education?
    If you maintain your focus, the question becomes not IF you and your podcast will succeed, but when.
  • When I started, my mantra was, “Be the little podcast that could”

2. Who Will I Be Podcasting For?

  • This is the biggest mistake that many Podcasters make at the onset of creating their Podcast: they don’t know who they’re podcasting for.
  • Your Avatar is your ONE perfect listener.
  • Your Avatar is the ONE person who will listen to your Podcast and ask him or herself, “Was this Podcast created specifically for me? I feel like the host is talking directly to me, addressing my pain points, and giving me valuable information on how to move past my biggest struggles!”
  • If you try to create a Podcast that resonates with EVERYONE, you will resonate with NO ONE.
    This is back to the concept of building your tribe. Build a RAVING base of loyal listeners. Like you! You’re loyal and I thank for listening!
  • This will only be possible if you know your Avatar inside and out, and base every decision from this point forward on what your Avatar would want.
  • Length? Frequency? Interview-based? Topic-based?

3. Equipment: Is It Expensive to Start a Podcast?

First off, I really want to focus on breaking down barriers. Podcasting doesn’t have to and shouldn’t break your bank. Podcasting does NOT need to be done in a professional studio with glass panels, sound absorption panels, mixers, sliders, buttons and mic’s everywhere. We are living in a time where all you need is a mic – preferably a dynamic one – and a computer. You can even podcast from your phone.

That is all you need in the way of physical equipment – nothing else.

The two microphones and accessories I recommend for podcasters are:


The ATR-2100/AT2005 are both dynamic microphones that are both XLR and USB, and they’re TRULY all you need mic-wise to have amazing audio quality. Want to hear what it sounds like in action? You’ve already been doing it listening to this podcast. I use the AT2005 for all my in-studio recording and the second mic here in the HoET is the ATR-2100 which I also take with me on the road.

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  • The Whole Learner

    Hi Chris,
    Found you through AJ Bianco- loving the podcast! I am a teacher and also offer PD in mindfulness and SEL. I have been practicing podcasting for some time and am getting ready to take the leap to share publicly so your episode on how to podcast was certainly meaningful!

    Thank you!
    Looking forward to hearing more!

    • Erin — Thanks for checking out House of #EdTech! If I can provide any support or you would like to get on a GHO and get nerdy about podcasting email me! I love this and I would love to support you!

      You can do it!