Why and How I Started a Podcast Network

In January 2015, I completed my first year of podcasting and my podcast, House of #EdTech, was well received by the education and podcasting communities. Because of my podcast I was able to connect with some fantastic educators and podcasters and have some amazing conversations that have taught me so much!

As a creative-minded person I wanted to do more in the podcasting space. While I know I don’t have the time it would take to start a second podcast (maybe someday soon…) I wanted to continue to connect with others and contribute further to the world of education.

Enter the Education Podcast Network…

The Education Podcast Network

The best way I could think to continue to make long lasting connections with people and provide a new value to podcast listeners was to create a podcast network.

From the EPN website:

We are a podcast network that encourages you to think about your profession and succeed in the world of education. Whether you are a first year educator or a seasoned veteran there is podcast for you.

All of our shows are produced by educators who want to shape education through meaningful discussion and content.

This community of podcasters is made up of some of the most fantastic people you could associate with in education! I am proud to be partnered with Angela Watson,  Jason Bodnar, Theresa Stager, Jessica Johnson, Spike Cook, Jeff Herb, Jon Samuelson, Jeff Bradbury, and Brad Gustafson.

The podcasts on the Education Podcast Network cover a variety of topics and utilize different formats for production and distribution.

How I Created a Podcast Network

I first thought of the name of the network and created the logo for network using Adobe Photoshop (one of my most favorite programs/tools). Seventeen years of using the program and a good eye for design allowed me to create something simple and creative for branding this creative endeavor.

For the network website I chose to host on Blogger, as I do on this site, and I chose to use the Newspress theme from btemplates.com. There are some really cool templates in the site and it’s not difficult to work with them and manipulate them to your liking. I selected Newspress because of its simple and clean look.

The individual shows are hosted by the individual podcasters themselves and I requested their RSS feed link that sends their content to iTunes which I imported into a recipe on If This Then That (IFTTT.com). The recipe I created creates a new post on the website every time a new episode is released for each podcast. Within the recipe I tweaked the content that is pulled to create links back to the original source and to also post the cover art for each podcast automatically. It was quite simple once I figured it out!

I also utilize IFTTT to generate tweets for the network Twitter account each time an episode is released. We’d love for you to follow us: Follow @EduPodNet

One the most important things that visitors to a podcast website should be able to do is listen to the podcast. With this in mind I also created a player using the technology from Podtrac.com to create a multi-show player that allows visitors to the website to play any episode of any show on the network! How cool is that!?

The benefit for those podcasters who have become a part of the Edcation Podcast Network is that they are now connected with other like-minded content creators and we all help to promote the content we are all creating and each show now has the opportunity to reach people and grow their audience to spread their message and content even further.

If you are a podcast listener (or an addict like me) and you’re interested in podcasts about education then I encourage you to support the podcasters of the Education Podcast Network.

Thanks for reading, viewing, and sharing!

Mr. Christopher J. Nesi