Why I Started A Podcast

Around this time in 2013 my wife Katelyn said the following, “You should start a podcast.”

Five words was all it took to inspire me to change my mindset about what I was doing in my career as a tech savvy educator.

Within a few days I announced to the world that I would be launching my very own podcast. I later revealed that I would be calling the show House of #EdTech.

In the span of three weeks I began to consume as much information and content related to podcasting and how to podcast. I learned about starting a podcast, producing and growing a podcast and all that goes with it.

I became addicted to podcasts about podcasting like Podcast Answer Man and The Audacity to Podcast. During the past year I have expanded my listening to include The Podcasters’ Studio, The School of Podcasting, Ask the Podcast Coach, and Podcasters’ Round Table.

But the question remains… Why did I start podcasting?

From the moment I joined Twitter in 2009 I immediately understood the power of being able to not only share reminders with students and parents but I also had a forum and a platform to share my ideas and views about education with the world. The problem was educators and Twitter did not have the ham and eggs relationship they share today. Over time I made connections with other teachers and shared ideas here and there while always looking for content to share with others. I was a very good curator and would RT other peoples articles and ideas. I was guilty of never taking full advantage of that platform I mentioned earlier.

When Katelyn suggested the idea of podcasting my mindset immediately changed. I no longer wanted to curate content and push the ideas of others. I wanted to create content that others could find value in.

During 2014 I will have created 26 episodes of the House of #EdTech totaling almost 26 hours of valuable content for educators to use when integrating technology into their lives, classrooms, and schools. My content has been downloaded almost 10,000 times and I am connecting with other like-minded professionals easier and faster than ever. I have spoken to teachers, administrators, authors, software designers and I can never thank those people enough for taking time to share their knowledge and stories with you.

I am looking forward to a great second year as a podcaster. I will be upgrading some of my podcasting gear before the year is out and some new gear and technology will help take the House of #EdTech up a notch. I am doing this because I want to learn more about podcast and audio production and more importantly provide my listeners with the best possible production I can. I have grown a lot in the past year and like my teaching I am continuously learning about this art.

If you haven’t yet checked out the show I certainly welcome you to enjoy your first episode and if you have feedback or suggestions please connect with me. While each episode follows a certain format I have the freedom to change it, mold it, and shape it as I desire and I know that each episode provide value to at least one person.

Thanks for reading, viewing, and sharing!

Mr. Christopher J. Nesi